Wholesale Coffee Roasting

DropKick's coffee is imported directly to and roasted in our warehouse in San Diego and distributed all over Southern California and various other parts of the United States! We love sharing our single origins and unique blends with coffee drinkers of all backgrounds. 


We import our coffee from all over the world and have developed great relationships with the farmers over the years! From Central and South America to Indonesia and even Africa, we have a wide variety of green coffee for you to explore! We love sharing the stories behind each farm so you have an even deeper understanding of where each cup of coffee we pour comes from. 

Customer Service

Our standard of service is what makes us who we are! The team behind Dropkick operates off the highest levels of customer experience. No coffee drinker is the same and we take that very serious! 


We take pride in supplying our wholesale partners with the exact coffee bean origin and roast of their choice! We want you to be part of the selection process so you can hand-select the coffee most suitable for your customer! We offer complimentary delivery, simple ordering processes, and even private label options to help grow your brand!